Cosplay Bingo

Learn how to participate in this fun activity!

Cosplay Bingo involves going around the convention and asking for photos of/with cosplayers that are on your Bingo sheet! It's required that you ask kindly for permission, and do not persist if you are refused - cosplay is not consent.

Each day of the event, the Bingo sheet will change, so you cannot re-use photos from the prior day.


Go to the Cosplay Checkpoint (Foyer) and receive a bingo card to show that you are playing the game and a bingo sheet, as you collect photos take them to one of the Bingo volunteers to validate and stamp your bingo sheet.

There are many prizes to be won provided by generous Artists (see below!) But remember, it's a race to the finish line to claim them! First in... best dressed - in cosplay that is!

You do not have to be a Cosplayer / Cosplaying to participate in this activity, the bingo sheets will be made at random. This activity is not available on Friday Open Night.


1.Each day will have a different bingo competition. You may play on both days but you may not use the same card for both days.

2. You are required to ask for consent of your card’s square for a photo (example, the square needs proof of a Nezuko. That cosplayer MUST consent to a photo by posing for you). Sniping photos will not be permitted. You may not use Saturday photos on the Sunday.

3. Risa, the Cosplay Coordinator will be the only cosplayer that is not eligible as bingo collection proof.

4. There are 3 winning cards for each day for the major prizes. After the first 3 full cards are returned; there will be smaller prizes for any filled cards or lines completed.

5. Over the weekend; you will need to seek out the cosplay team to stamp your squares once they’re satisfied you’ve provided a photo eligible.

(There will be 3 team members at any one time to assist with stamping and notice will be given of who to find during the weekend when cosplay events are active).

6. Do not hassle a cosplayer into a photo for you to win. Cosplay is not consent

7. Cards will be created at random

8. You cannot use the same one character for multiple squares. If for example you have Sephiroth and your card has “Silver Hair” ”FF or KH character” ”Male character”; you must chose one square to mark off. Please specify this upon getting your card stamped!

9. Remember; have fun!