Event Rules

Conditions of Entry & T.O.S

By attending Kaiga Convention, you agree to the following Terms of Service and Conditions of Entry:

I. Respect and Courtesy: Show kindness and courtesy towards all attendees, staff, and volunteers. Maintain respectful behavior and adhere to social distancing guidelines when possible.

2. Photography and Video Consent: Please be aware that while attending the convention, you may appear in photographs or video footage taken by our media team or indirectly in the background. By attending, you grant Kaiga Convention the right to use these images in our social media or marketing materials without any compensation.

3. Consent for Photography: Always ask for permission before taking photos of someone, and obtain consent again before placing your hands on or touching them in any way. Remember, cosplay is not consent.

4. Children's Safety: Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times. Designate a meeting place and make them aware of security personnel for their safety.

5. Personal Belongings: Keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Kaiga Convention is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please refrain from stealing.

6. Reporting Concerns: If you witness any antisocial or suspicious behavior, promptly report it to a crew, committee member, or security personnel.

7. Prohibited Substances: Patrons may not be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs while attending the event
(Buying and consuming alcohol is allowed at our 18+ bar activation only - no BYO alcohol is allowed!)

8. Right to Refuse Entry or Expulsion: Kaiga Convention reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron deemed problematic or dangerous at our discretion. We may also expel patrons who engage in inappropriate behavior, potentially endangering themselves or others, without refund.

9. Service Animals Only: Only certified service animals are permitted at the convention. No other pets are allowed.

10. Photography and Filming Permissions: Commercial photography or filming is strictly prohibited without written permission from event management prior to the event.

11. Weapons Policy: No real weapons are allowed at the convention. Please refer to our weapons policy for guidelines regarding props and replica weapons.

12. Ticket Policy: Kaiga Convention does not offer refunds or exchanges for any tickets purchased after the event has started. To seek a refund on a pre-purchased ticket prior to the event please follow the steps via Eventbrite. We do not refund Eventbrite fees. Refunds are available up to 1 day before the event.

13. Wristbands must be worn for the duration of the event and while in the expo floor, if you need to remove your wristband due to work or sensory issues please approach a staff member at the front desk before removing it yourself.

14. Enjoyment and Fun: Above all, have fun! Embrace the vibrant atmosphere and engage with the diverse activities and attractions provided by Kaiga Convention.

By entering Kaiga Convention, you acknowledge and accept these Terms of Service and Conditions of Entry. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in expulsion from the event without refund. We have the right to alter or create new rules at our own discretion to deal with any problematic or dangerous behaviour.

Additional Rules for Artists & Exhibitors

I. Enamel pins, keychains stickers, prints, patches, and other small accessories and crafted items (and all things that we deem "Artist Alley" items) may not be sold at Kaiga Convention unless the artwork is:

We will deny products with stolen artwork, and that appear to be purchased with no regulations and artist credit (for example from aliexpress) as an attempt to remove competition with our genuine Artist Alley Sellers. Exhibitors will be monitored the most to ensure these guidelines are met, or they will not be welcome at our future events.

Artwork with commercial rights must be approved 2 months before the event, so we can background check.

2. No NSFW Art is allowed to be displayed, we are a family friendly event, you are allowed to do 'under the table' sales and sell these products after you check the ID of the customer. Be sure to ask anyone who looks under the age of 25 just to be safe! But 18+ is the requirement.


4. Kaiga Convention, our team, hired security and volunteers are not responsible for your products or booth when you leave it unattended, it is not our duty to prevent theft, and it is not our job to stand in when you need breaks. Please do not ask volunteers to go behind your table at any time for assistance.

5. Advertising for other events and markets needs to be approved before the event, please contact the Kaicon team for more information info@kaigaconvention.com

A note from our Creative Director:

At Kaiga Convention we are motivated and dedicated in ensuring Artist Alley Sellers have the best possible oppurtunities to sell their Art and discourage any vendor items that conflict with that interest. Artists are our priority at KaiCon!

Pictured: BeepSea , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @beepssea