How to support the Artist Alley

How can you support artists?

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At Kaiga Convention, we believe you can support artists in the Artist Alley in more ways than just making a purchase. While buying their creations is a great way to show your support, we also want to highlight other ways you can help the creators you love!

By taking the time to appreciate and promote small businesses, we become the lifeline that keeps them thriving. Let's come together to uplift and sustain the talented artists who bring their passion to our event.

Remember to always ask before taking photos of prints and other merchandise!

Ways to support without money

You can have an impact on an Artist's business by liking, saving, sharing and commenting on their uploads. This helps them get picked up by the alogrithm and their content is shown to more people.

Word of mouth is a powerful promotional tool, you can suggest the Artist's product as gift ideas, or just show off what makes you happy! You are effortlessly connecting the Artist to future potential customers.

Artists love to hear positive feedback, especially if they feel discouraged or aren't fond of their work, we are always our own worst critics and your positive input helps to make it more encouraging to be creative.

Foster connections that can lead to collaborations and future opportunities. By connecting at these events, you might discover avenues for commissioned work or recommend other events to attend!

Attend Panels and Workshops

Active participation in panels, workshops, and discussions organized by artists in the Artist Alley is an excellent way to support them. By attending these sessions and actively engaging with the artists, you not only gain valuable insights and knowledge but also demonstrate your support and appreciation for their expertise.

Your enthusiastic involvement and thoughtful questions can inspire and motivate artists to continue sharing their skills, experiences, and creative journeys with others. 

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Share your 'Convention Haul' online

When making purchases from the Artist Alley, whether big or small, sharing your acquisitions online and tagging the artist can significantly contribute to expanding their reach. By showcasing and promoting the artworks or products you've obtained, you actively support the artists and help them gain broader visibility among a wider audience.

In addition to this, it's a common trend to share 'con hauls' online, so you are also actively participating in the convention community and giving back to that as a whole too!

Continue to support Kaiga Convention

By continuing to support Kaiga Convention, you contribute to our ongoing efforts to create a thriving platform for artists and provide them with valuable opportunities to showcase and sell their art. Your support enables us to host larger and more engaging events, attract a diverse range of attendees, and invest in the infrastructure and resources needed to elevate the artist experience.

As we grow and expand, we can offer artists increased visibility, broader networking opportunities, and a supportive community that fosters their growth and success. Together, we can nurture a vibrant ecosystem where artists can thrive, connect with their audience, and continue sharing their incredible talent with the world.

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Extra ways to be considerate of Artist Alley sellers

Artists have a very limited amount of 'frontage'/selling space at events, be mindful of where you stand and don't block people from browsing.

Have your cash or card ready when you want to make your purchase, don't make a seller wait for you to transfer money, they are missing out on making more sales!

Don't recognise a character? It might be an original! Can't find what you're looking for? They might have it online! Artists love to be able to connect you with their products.

It's wonderful to collect business cards but these take time and money to print, go the extra mile and remember to follow all the artists you love when you get home.

How do Premium Passes work?

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Our premium passes offer attendees full access to all three days of the event, including the Friday opening night. This early access provides a great opportunity for you to explore the convention, shop for your favourite merchandise, and have the first pick of items on the show floor.

By attending the opening night, you can maximize the rest of your convention experience over the remainder of the weekend by enjoying the scheduled activities, panels, and entertainment on the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

As an added bonus, premium pass holders receive an "I heart Artist Alley" button to proudly show their support for our talented artists. It's important to note that purchasing premium passes directly contributes to supporting the artists. The profits generated from these ticket sales go towards reimbursing the artists' bills for their participation in the event. This ensures that artists can continue showcasing their incredible work and talents at the convention.

By choosing a premium pass, you are choosing the artists, and we're so grateful for every Premium Pass purchased! We firmly recognise artists as being the back bone of our event and will strive in every way to maximise their experience.

Regardless of the success of premium ticket sales, Artists still get to sell on the Friday night for no extra cost to them!

Profits go towards reimbursing the Artist's booth fees until they are paid off in full! For only $15 more it goes a long way.

Do your shopping on Friday night, and then enjoy scheduled activities and entertainment on Saturday and Sunday!

Proudly display your button to show that you have purchased a premium pass and care about the Artist Alley's success!

All of this to benefit your convention experience and the Artist Alley for only $15 more than the 2-day weekend pass
Maximise your weekend and attend Kaiga Convention for all three days, have the luxury of taking your time while shopping,
they are limited in availability so get your premium pass as soon as possible!

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