Media Passes

Your responsibility as a photographer

A Media Pass is a credential provided to approved individuals representing media outlets, including journalists, photographers, videographers, and bloggers. It grants you access to specific areas and privileges at Kaiga Convention for the purpose of reporting, capturing, and sharing event-related content.

Media Passes are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of media coverage and to protect the rights and privacy of attendees. By issuing Media Passes, we can effectively manage media activities, maintain control over the event's image and messaging, and facilitate a positive media experience.

Differentiating between commercial and personal photography is crucial to protect the rights of individuals and ensure a respectful environment. Commercial photography refers to any photography or filming conducted for commercial purposes, such as promoting or selling products or services. This type of photography requires prior written permission from event management. Personal photography, on the other hand, refers to capturing images for personal use or non-commercial sharing, such as sharing on social media or personal blogs. Personal photography is generally allowed within the guidelines of the event, provided it respects the rights, privacy, and consent of other attendees - Learn more below!

The responsibility for obtaining consent and respecting the rights and privacy of individuals being photographed lies with the photographer or media representative. It is the photographer's responsibility to ensure they have the necessary permissions, releases, or consents from individuals who may be the subject of their photographs. This includes obtaining consent for using the images for commercial purposes, if applicable.

At Kaiga Convention, where attendees may be photographed or filmed, it is important for photographers and media representatives to adhere to ethical practices and guidelines. They should:

While we as event organizers have a responsibility to create and enforce policies that promote a safe and respectful environment, including guidelines for photographers, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining consent and respecting the rights of individuals being photographed rests with the photographers themselves.

Personal Media - No Pass Needed


Ask politely before taking a photo of someone, and respect their wishes if they decline - do not secretly take the photo! It helps to explain what the photo is for and where it would be posted, for example, your instagram, a blog etc. If you are using the photo for commercial reasons please read below about getting a media pass instead.


Capturing and utilizing images or footage for non-commercial purposes and personal enjoyment. It typically includes activities such as sharing photos with friends and family or posting on personal social media accounts. Personal use does not involve any commercial gain, promotion, or distribution of the images or footage for financial or professional purposes. It is important to note that even for personal use, it is still essential to respect the rights, privacy, and consent of individuals depicted in the photographs or videos. 


Just because someone is in Cosplay does not mean they are there for your own entertainment and image capturing. Refrain from approaching cosplayers they appear to be eating, taking a break, or busy with other people. Politely wait your turn and ensure it is an equally nice experience for the cosplayer! If you are intending to post the photo online, be sure to ask the cosplayer for their social media handles so you can tag them.

Commercial Media - Requires a pass!


Commercial media passes require the signing of a usage agreement between the media outlet or representative and Kaiga Convention. The usage agreement outlines the specific terms and conditions for capturing and using media content from the event for commercial purposes. This agreement helps establish clear guidelines, protect the rights of all parties involved, and ensure proper attribution and compensation where applicable. This includes but is not limited to; Liability and Indemnification, Copyright and Intellectual Property and Content Usage


Commercial use refers to utilizing images, videos, or other media content for purposes that involve financial gain, promotion, or distribution in a professional or business context. It typically includes activities such as selling or licensing the content for commercial purposes, using it in advertisements, marketing materials, or promotional campaigns, incorporating it into commercial products or services, or distributing it to third parties for monetary compensation. Commercial use is distinct from personal use, which involves utilizing the content for non-commercial purposes, such as personal enjoyment, sharing with friends and family, or posting on personal social media accounts without any financial or promotional objectives.


Kaiga Convention has an exclusive team of contracted media personnel who hold extended agreements and terms with our event. These dedicated individuals are easily identifiable by their distinctive shirts. If you have not been hired under these specific circumstances but still wish to document the event, you can apply as an on-the-day (OTD) Photographer / Videographer. Approved OTD media personnel will receive a designated lanyard to indicate their authorized presence to attendees.

2024 Kaiga Convention Perth + Melbourne application dates TBA!