Applications for Perth + Melbourne Kaiga Convention 2024, open on June 1st !

Pictured: Yobe Cosplay , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @yobecosplay

If you love Pop Culture, Anime, Gaming and Cosplay now is your chance to explore our marketplace of products, services, and collectables! We strive to bring in vendors with a great diversity of products and provide you with fantastic retail opportunities; from small businesses with handmade items to licensed retailers of official merchandise.

Even if you're just attending KaiCon because you like 'cute' things or casually browse anime, we promise to deliver something for everyone; plushies, figures, anime themed apparel, trading cards and gaming, cosplay supplies, wigs, costumes, and more!

Shop a wide range of Merchandise

Kaiga Convention puts you in front of exhibitors with wide ranges of products to suit everyone's taste!
Pictured: Yobe Cosplay , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @yobecosplay

Local and Interstate sellers

We are home to a number of interstate vendors which offer you products that you wouldn't find casually in Perth!
Pictured: SOYTOY CLUB , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @soytoyclub

Connect with small businesses

Find opportunities to network and connect with retailers, make new friends, and fall in love with businesses to support.
Pictured: Yobe Cosplay , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @yobecosplay

Take your business to the next level!

Pictured: Shumi Shop , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @shumishopsocial

At Kaiga Convention we offer a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products, services, and creations to a passionate community of anime, pop culture, cosplay, and gaming enthusiasts. You'll be able to engage with a diverse audience and make meaningful connections in a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Events are so important to provide you with the opportunity to connect with potential customers, build brand awareness, and network with fellow industry professionals, and we believe that KaiCon attracts a significant number of attendees, ensuring that your products or services receive the exposure they deserve!





Applications now closed, you can still apply for our waitlist
and we will notify you if someone drops out!

Pictured: the Frugal Fashion Co. , Courtesy of HKPhotographyperth | @thefrugalfashionco